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Harry van der Aart, Rob Arbouw, Laurence Barker, Svava Björnsdóttir,
Doris Becke, Jan de Beus, Hub Bruls, Jef Diederen, Jos Caelen, Andre Delalleau,
Jan van Eden, René Glaser, Jan Heynen, Piet Hodiamont, Werner Hofmann,
Herma van den Heuvel, Lambert Hellebrand, Ed Klep,Gijs van der Kley,
Hans Mutsers, Susan Mulcahy, Marco Juriën, Jan Martens, Rainer Negrelli,
Marijke Nijland, Mario Reis, Shinkishi Tajiri, Marly Smeets, Xander Spronken,
Peter Simons de Thouaris, Rob Stultiens, Marijke
Stultiens, Ben Oldenhof,
Erik Oldenhof, Marlies Veldhuis, MarlouVossen, Anne Wind, Günter Wagner,
Frans Warringa, Nicolas Wolkenar.





The Schuwirth & Van Noorden Gallery is a creation of the artists Guusje van Noorden and Gerard Schuwirth. The gallery was founded in 1985. Its main goal was to exhibit two dimensional and three dimensional art pieces.

The gallery consists of three exhibition rooms with a total area 75 m2 (app. 675 square feet). These rooms are located on two floors of an old historic house in the quarter "Wyck" in Maastricht in the Netherlands. In two of the three rooms the exhibitions are changed on a regular basis.

Schuwirth & Van Noorden, is 5 minutes walking distance from the central train station of Maastricht.




The third room is reserved for the art lease system. Here art pieces may be leased for a fixed monthly rate.

Laurence Barker, Doris Becke, Svava Bjornsdottir, Jos Caelen, Pieter Defesche,
Jef Diederen, Herma van den Heuvel, Marco Jurien, Erik Kierkels, Hans Mutsers,
Rainer Negrelli, Marijke Nijland, Erik Oldenhof, Peter Simons de Thouaris,
Rob Stultiens, Shinkishi Tajiri, Marlies Veldhuis, Günter Wagner, Frans Warringa




Art Lease

An artwork can be rented for minimally three to maximally twelf months. You pay € 12.50,- per month for an artwork with a value up to € 1600,- .
For pictures or sculptures over €1600,- a rental fee of € 25,- is charged. Leasing of a complete series is also possible. If a customer (subscriber) would want to purchase the artwork after the rental period is finished, 90% of the paid rental fee will be subtracted for the regular purchase price.

Regulations concerning the art lease system can be requested via email

Open: by appointment.
tel: 06-14 35 46 49