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Gerard Schuwirth

Gerard Schuwirth (Heerlen, The Netherlands) lives and works in Maastricht. His creations are exhibited regularly in Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark, and the USA. Through the years his style has changed several times with respect to form and material. Nevertheless, his ‘form language' can be recognised throughout his work. He uses hard materials, such as bronze, stone, steel and stainless steel, either as a single material or in combinations.

Although the forms in stone differ from the sculptures in iron or bronze, the starting points are similar. Such starting points are:

•The creation of space, which implies that a sculpture must be attractive from all  sides both on an expressive level and on a spacial level
•Many forms he uses have an organic origin; often studies of natural forms are the  basis of his sculptures
•Respect for the material, in that its characteristics and idiosyncrasies are  amplified in its treatment

Smaller plastics give rise to the production of larger sculptures. As such they serve as scale models leading to either enlargements or variations in a different material, such as polyester or stone.